Get Involved

The Working Group and associated community are working to establish global access to academic literature and publications. We have a number of ongoing projects, and need your help!

Do you have 5 minutes?

  • Sign up to the Open Access working group mailing list and introduce yourself.
  • Fill in the details about Open Access policies specified by Governments and funding agencies in your country, and/or institution, and help us map Open Access policies around the world.

  • Drop us a line if you are aware of any resources not currently up under our ‘resource’ section,
  • Add yourself to our list of speakers who are happy to talk at events about Open Access

Do you have 15 minutes?

  • Tell us an open access success story! We’re collecting case studies of when open access has been useful, and are specifically looking for stories involving the reuse of open access work. When we’ve collected a few, we will publish them under the resource section

  • Use the Open Access Button to map current pay walls so we can better understand their impact

Do you have a few hours?

  • Organise a talk or event about Open Access, and invite a speaker in to talk. We’re developing a list of speakers, and will publish this under the ‘resources’ section soon.

  • Give a talk on Open Access in your institution or local community.

Let us know of any other Open Access projects you think we should include!


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