OA Directories/Portals

[Open Access Directory](

Switched Journals– Open Access Directory list of journals that converted from TA to OA.

[UNESCO Global Open Access Portal](

[Open Aire]( – European OA Infrastructure

OpenDOAR – OpenDOAR is an authoritative directory of academic open access repositories.

COAR  – The Confederation of Open Access Repositories

ROARMAP – Registry of open access repositories mandatory archiving policies

Policy and Advocacy Organisations

OKF – Open Knowledge

OSF – Open Science Federation 

SPARC – Scholarly Publishing and Academic Resources Coalition

SPARC Europe

R2RC – Right to Research Coalition  International alliance of student organizations

EOS– Enabling Open Scholarship

Open Society Foundations– formerly Open Society Institute

EIFL – enabling access to knowledge through libraries in developing countries

[SSP]( – ‘Innovative people advancing scholarly communication’.

Open Access Net German platform for promotion of OA.

OAPEN Library – OAPEN (Open Access Publishing in European Networks)

Open Access NL – Dutch national website about advantages of OA.

Digitale gesellschaft

EPTD – Electronic Publishing Trust for Development

Research on Open Access

[Open Access tracking project](

[Study of Open Access Publishing](

[Harvard Open Access Project (HOAP)](

[Research and communication strategy project](

WIKI Project Open Access

Forums and Mailing Lists

[SPARC open access forum](

[Social network for open access minded scientists](

[GOAL global open access list](

[Open access infopage]( – EU registered users.

@ccess mailing list

ResearchGate group on open Access

[Science and development network](
Connotea – Social bookmarking service for clinicians and scientists.
ISN  – Institute for Science Networking Oldenburg Germany

Blogs on Open Access

Sparc Open Access Newsletter (SOAN)

Open Access newsletter archive  by Peter Suber
HomePage of Peter Suber

Richard Poynder – Open and Shut.

Peter Murray-Rust – A scientist and the web

Stevan Harnad – Open Access Archivangelism

Cameron Neylon – Science in the Open 

Bjoern Brembs Net

Mike Taylor – Sauropod Vertebrae Picture of the Week

Heather Piwowar – Research Remix

Michael Eisen – It is not Junk

Heather Morrison – Poetic Economics

Biomedcentral Blog

Michael Nielsen’s Blog

Tim Gower’s Weblog

John Willbanks – Low-Fi thoughts on Hi-Fi subjects

Ellyssa Krosk – News and resources on Library 2.0 and the information revolution

Events and Conferences

[Open Access Africa](


JISC  – promotes use of digital technology for research.

Sherpa  – developing institutional repositories

Creative Commons – making it easier for people to share and build upon the work of others.

OASIS – Open Access Scholarly Information Sourcebook

Open Access Publishers

[BiomedCentral]( – publisher of 223 peer-reviewed open access journals

[Public Library of Science](



[Wiley Open](

[Springer Open](

@eLifeJournal (twitter) – eLife is a new open access journal from Max Planck Society, Wellcome Trust and Howard Hughes Medical Institute

Beall’s list of predatory open access publishers

Research networks








2 responses to “Links”

  1. chettabi says:

    add our repository and our university web site to your directory
    here is link to our university web site and archive of our university (University of Bouira – Algeria )

    Repository Name: Bouira University Digital Space
    Repository URL:
    Our OAI base URL :
    URL University :

    Open Access: All
    Repository System: Dspace
    Street: Université de Bouira – Rue DRISSI Yahia – Bouira 10000 – Algeria
    Zip/Postal Code: 10000
    City: Bouira
    Country: Algeria
    Latitude: 36.38104127
    Longitude: 3.89360905

    Name: Chettabi
    Email Address:
    Phon +213790293245

    Message Descriptiona of our university web site and/or Remarks:
    The University of Bouira “Akli Mohand Oulhadj” Algeria has considerable advantages in being located at the crossroads of several areas with multiple purposes: agriculture, tourism and industry. The university will have an essential role to facilitate the integration of the various socio-economic fabric and the varied areas of this beautiful region located at a hundred km south-east of the capital Algiers.

    Message Description archive of our university and/or Remarks:
    The University of Bouira offers visitors from Bouira University Digital Space a free downloadable files (memories doctoral, master, master, courses in different technological and literary disciplines, proceedings of scientific conferences and scientific articles of high level.

    and best regrard

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