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PASTEUR4OA Briefing Paper on Open Access to Research Data

- November 16, 2015 in PASTEUR4OA, Policy, Projects, researchdata

The PASTEUR4OA project has produced a series of advocacy resources that can be used by stakeholders to promote the development and reinforcement of Open Access policies when developing new policies or revising existing ones. Last week a new briefing paper was added, written by Open Knowledge, around the topic of opening up research data.

Open Access to research data is fast becoming recognised as complementary to Open Access to research publications, both key components of Open Science. While the PASTEUR4OA project targets the development and reinforcement of Open Access strategies and policies for research publications, the project also encourages the development of such policies for research data

This briefing paper provides an overview of the current situation with regards to Open Access to research data. It considers the benefits and challenges of opening up research data with a particular focus on current funder and institutional policy developments in Europe and further afield and shares resources and initiatives for further study. The paper is available from


Celebrating Open Access Week with PASTEUR4OA Advocacy Resources

- October 19, 2015 in PASTEUR4OA

Today is the first day of the 8th Open Access (OA) week, a global event taking place from 19-25 October that highlights all things open access. In light of this event, we share with you the latest outcome of the PASTEUR4OA project in which Open Knowledge is participating, a set of advocacy resources for policymakers and open access stakeholders.

The PASTEUR4OA project aims to increase national and institutional policymakers’ as well as research funders understanding and awareness of Open Access (OA). PASTEUR4OA also aims to help develop and/or reinforce OA strategies and policies at a national, university and research funder levels that align with the European Commission’s 2012 Recommendation on Access to and Preservation of Scientific Information and the Open Access Mandate for Horizon 2020pasteur

The project also aims to facilitate coordination among all EU Member States and Aligned Countries by establishing a network of expert organisations across Europe – Knowledge Net – and by collaboratively developing a programme of activities that support policymaking at the national, university and funder levels. Open Knowledge participates as a partner in the project both to strengthen our existing Open Access community and to help increase engagement between our community and policy makers across the EU.

To promote the development and reinforcement of OA policies, PASTEUR4OA has produced a series of advocacy resources that can be used by stakeholders developing new policies or revising existing ones.

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This new flyer describes the objectives of the PASTEUR4OA project and outlines the advocacy resources that are available for policymakers and OA stakeholders. More information on these resources is also available on the PASTEUR4OA website.